Contract Food Service

Dining & Retail

Our concepts include café and retail venues supported by our innovative programs and customized services for our clients. The Millennium Café is our state of the art food services program that is designed to increase, promote, and maintain participation.

Freedom of Choice

The Millennium Café offers a host of innovate and exciting concepts that offer variety and the freedom of choice

“Convenience at Your Fingertips” –  A Mobile Application for online ordering for Pick-Up or Delivery with online payment options (Cash, Credit, Declining Balance)

“A Source of Strength” – An on Campus Market designed to provide access to sustainable foods such as  fresh produce, meats, vegetables, seafood, and convenience items.

Market Place Dining” – An on Campus urban eatery that allows for the customization of a “build your own” custom creation from a kiosk and delivered to your table or pick up at the to go counter.

We understand our vital role in our clients realizing their vision for dining services.


We offer the full range of restaurant services, including fast food, fast-casual, and casual-dining services. Regardless of type of restaurant service, we make sure that guess are provided with a memorable experience that will leave them wanting to come back again. 

We operate in efficient, sustainable, profitable manner that maximizes the triple bottom line: financial, social, and environmental. We know that no matter how tasty your menu, customers won’t come back if they have bad experiences with your customer service. For this reason, we provide our employees top notch training within each type of restaurant setting. We also provide sanitation training to all employees that commits Perkins to maintaining an A sanitation Grade at all of it managed restaurant services facilities.

Popular Brands

Whether its our in-house or national brand partnerships, we can provide a solution to meet your needs.


Perkins presents catering with elegance and flair in mind. We create innovative awe-inspiring culinary displays. The standard by which our program operates exemplifies culinary style and grace with each of events, whether large or small. Our diverse Catering program offers unwavering attention to details, stylish menus, gourmet cuisine, and unparalleled culinary displays. Our catering services meet your every need, with everything imaginable offered, form coffee breaks, meetings and luncheons, graduation parties, wedding receptions, evening galas, to family reunions. Our creative menu selections, artful displays of tantalizing dishes, and dedicated professional staff give you the best catering options available.

Let us know how we can help you.

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